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Jack Knife

Robuk’s Jack Knife B-Double is the Swiss Army Knife in the tipper world. These combinations can be fully customised to allow operators to stay within the prime mover while tipping off both trailers. If you require minimal manual input to operate, then these trailers will suit your needs.

The lead trailer utilises a standard turntable under the rear of the body to allow jack knife tipping. A hydraulic tailgate is equipped as standard to keep the tailgate clear while tipping and pulling forward. Hydraulic return lines are not needed; an accumulator is installed that
supplies hydraulic pressure to lower the door again. An oversize rubber paver chute is also fitted as standard to reduce contamination and impingements.

The tag trailer is a drop deck style to increase volume and lower the centre of gravity for improved handling. Both lead and tag chassis are engineered from 700 grade steel.

Bodies are fabricated from marine grade aluminium. Height and sheet thickness can be customised. The tailgates are a unique one-piece pressed design. Opening and closing the tailgate manage by industry leading controls that reduce WHS. Both grain door and tailgate seal extremely well.

The Robuk Jack Knife B-Double is a quick tipping versatile combination.

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